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Gene Juarez Academy

Ready to get started?

We welcome motivated individuals who seek to fulfill a commitment to personal excellence. Assessment is based on a personal interview and educational qualifications.

Our goal is for you to be able to start your exciting career as soon as possible! So we have outlined the process in four steps:

Step 1Contact us! Call 800.230.3636 during regular business hours or complete our quick & easy Request Information Form

Step 2 – Participate in a one-on-one information session with one of our Admissions Advisors. We want to meet you in person, learn more about your interests and goals, answer your questions, and show you our campus. This way you can leave the session having a good understanding of what it’s really like here and if a career in Cosmetology is the right fit for you.

Step 3 – Meet with one of our Financial Services Advisors who will work with you to finalize your customized financial plan. Learn more about Financial Aid for Cosmetology Training.

Step 4 – This is your final step! Time for one last meeting with your Admission’s Advisor to become officially enrolled in the next class start.