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3 Easy, Do-It-Yourself Looks for Summer

Posted June 26, 2013 at 03:44 pm by julies


Summer weather is finally here, and your social calendar is getting full!  You want to find ways to beat the heat, while still looking your best, so we put together 3 easy looks that you can use for any gathering.

Day at the beach

Tools needed: curling iron, comb

Products used: identity1 Ocean Texture Spray, Redken Quicktease 15

  1. Wrap small sections around your curling iron.
  2. If your hair doesn’t hold style easily, scrunch in some identity1 Ocean Texture Spray on dry hair for a little more hold.
  3. Using your fingers, pull apart the curls for a looser look.
  4. Using a few sprays of Ocean Texture Spray, back comb small sections underneath for added volume.
  5. At the scalp, spray Redken Quicktease 15 for added lift.
  6. Head to the beach, and remember your sunscreen!


BBQ ready hair

Tools needed: brush, bobby pin, curling iron optional

Products used: MoroccanOil Medium Finish Hairspray

  1. Take 2” partings on the front hairline and lightly back brush each parting.
  2. Back brush from ends to scalp, adding enough volume and height so hair can stand up on its own.
  3. Smooth out back brushing gently.
  4. Gather hair and twist the back brushed section.
  5. Pin down twist with a bobby pin to secure.
  6. Touchup any curls if needed.
  7. Finish with Moroccan Oil Medium Finish Hairspray.
  8. Now you’re ready for some good food and fun with friends!



Date night

Tools needed: bobby pins

Products used: identity1 Illuminating Mist, Redken Wax Blast, Moroccan Oil Medium Finish Hairspray

  1. Brush out all existing curl and previous style.
  2. Spray identity1 Illuminating Mist on cushion brush to evenly disperse the product onto the hair.  This will help add shine and smoothing to the style.
  3. Pull hair into a high pony tail onto the top of your head.  Spray Moroccan Oil Medium Finish Hairspray to smooth away any fly-aways.
  4. Spray Redken Wax Blast into the ponytail for added grit to hold the style.
  5. Braid a piece of hair from the underside of the ponytail.
  6. Allow hair to “fountain” over the base of ponytail, use your hand to hold hair in place.
  7. Using your free hand, start twisting the hair around the base of the ponytail, leaving out the braided piece.  Use bobby pins to secure twisted hair in place.
  8. Wrap braid around the outside of the bun and use a bobby pin to hold and secure the braid.
  9. Finish with Moroccan Oil Medium Finish Hairspray.
  10. Enjoy your evening romance!

Construction Update for New North Campus Location

Posted September 24, 2012 at 03:00 pm by julies

Demolition continues at our future new location as crews work to cut trenches in the floors so plumbing, electrical & cables can be laid underground.

Gene Juarez Academy New MLT Location Construction

Crews working on underground excavation

Future Location Gene Juarez Academy Beauty School
Underground Plumbing Excavation
Underground Plumbing Excavation Gene Juarez Salon Training

Trenches for electrical, cable & plumbing under floors

Mountlake Terrace Beauty School New Location Construction

Saw Cut Slab at New MLT Location

Demolition also took place at the front entrance with the removal of the old CompUSA sign & facade.
North Seattle Snohomish Campus Gene Juarez Construction

Front Entrance Demolition - Before

Mountlake Terrace WA Cosmetology College Under Development

Front Entrance Demolition - After

What’s next?  Placement of structural steel & studs throughout interior & front exterior of building.

Demolition Begins At New North Campus!

Posted September 12, 2012 at 05:51 pm by julies

The construction crews have arrived & demolition has begun at our new North Campus located at the Gateway Place in Mountlake Terrace in Snohomish County South of Everett.

The new location, which was previously occupied by CompUSA, will be renovated into a 15,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art campus.  GJA students & staff are anxiously awaiting the grand opening which is planned for later this fall.

Be sure to visit our blog post frequently as we plan to provide regular updates throughout the renovation process!  The countdown begins!

Here are some photos of what has taken place so far this month!

Gene Juarez Academy New North Campus Location

Exterior of new campus "before"

Exterior during demolition phase

New campus interior view “before”

Demolition begins!

We are not kidding when we say demolition!



Have You Always Had Long Hair?

Posted August 21, 2012 at 01:30 pm by julies

Well so have I, until a few days ago!  I have been debating whether or not to cut my hair short for  months now.  Wondering what those cute & stylish inverted bobs would look like on me.

Ever since starting school at GJA, I have learned so much about hair but continued to keep my hair long.  Every morning it would take me an hour or so to curl or flat iron my fine & wavy hair.  My over highlighted and disconnected layers gave me a super fine length with more fullness on top.  Was definitely in need of a change.

One day we had a demonstration in class for the new Maintamer service.  I enthusiastically volunteered to be the model.  The Maintamer product made my hair smooth and more manageable.  Since my hair was also in serious need of a trim, I also received a cut.  After taking an inch off, my stylist at school suggested that I go shorter.  I told her how getting an inverted bob was on my mind.  Her instant response was “let’s just do it”, so I did!

I have never been so happy with my hair!  My new look is so easy to style and flexible enough that I can finally wash & go if I wanted to.

Jina with long hair on the first day of school


Jina's new style

Have you been considering cutting your long hair?  If so, I highly recommend it!



My Graduation Ceremony Experience

Posted August 15, 2012 at 04:04 pm by julies
Graduation was awesome!  It was definitely a “you did it” moment for me.

The day starts by getting all dressed up with gorgeous hair & makeup to be stage ready. I drove to downtown Seattle and arrived at Benaroya Hall.  Once checked-in backstage, my classmates & I got to meet the man himself – Mr. Gene Juarez and have our photo taken with him!

If that wasn’t exciting enough, when we made our grand entrance into the Mark Taper Auditorium as the ceremony kicked-off, we were welcomed with smiles & cheers by the thousand plus family & friends in attendance.  The ceremony includes speakers, award presentations and each graduate coming up on stage to be announced & congratulated by the education team.  After being announced & walking the red carpet to the sound of the audience cheering, you return back to your seat feeling completely accomplished.

Graduation was an absolutely amazing experience that I will remember for the rest of my life!

Check out the photos from recent graduation ceremonies to see what you can look forward to for your ceremony!

Ruby – Federal Way Campus

Gene Juarez Academy Graduation Friend and Family

Family & Friends Cheer Graduates


Gene Juarez Founder Gene Juarez Academy

Ruby with Gene Juarez


Cosmetology Education Graduation Ceremonies

Ruby on stage with fellow classmates


Gene Juarez Cosmetology Education Students Grad

Ruby & Matilda pose with educator Grace after the ceremony






GJA Supports Women Veterans

Posted June 29, 2012 at 05:40 pm by julies

Earlier this month, our Federal Way campus participated in the 2012 Washington Women Veterans Conference.  Educator, Heather Shea, along with 15 students showed their support by providing complimentary manicures to attendees and styling hair for the models in their Fatigues to Fabulous Runway Show.  It was a rewarding experience for everyone involved, especially for student artist TJ. 

TJ shares her experience…

I was invited to participate in the community outreach event. I knew that it would be something very personal to me because of my own veteran status, but I had no idea that it would be a life-changing event for me.

When people think of veterans they have a tendency to think of a man. Women usually aren’t thought of. This event was specifically for women. It was an opportunity for these veteran women, myself included, networking and gaining contacts for possible resources, supporting each other and enjoying a day of beauty. There was also a fashion show, not just a typical fashion show either. These women went from uniform to civilian attire, a huge event for someone who has ever worn a uniform and understands what it represents.

As I sat and did manicures each of these women shared their stories with me. I would then share mine. An instant bond was created in those few sentences. We continued to share our “war” stories, and a few tears as well. For the first time in a long time, I didn’t feel alone.

Word got around to the director of the event, Alife Alvarado, that I was a veteran. She came, congratulated me, hugged me and shook my hand. I just simply explained to her, that like her, I was just doing my job and she completely understood what I was saying without any other words having to be said. Later she came back to me with a bag, it had various phone numbers, a registration packet, a badge, and other information in it. She then handed me a military coin. The coin has pictures of women from all branches of the military on it. It is an award that a woman would receive at an event when they are being honored by the military. In that very second I was just in awe! She said to me “you are one of us, and we stand strong and proud! Will you stand with us and join us for lunch we would be honored!” I proudly accepted and had to excuse myself for a moment to get my emotions under control.

Unless a person, especially a woman, has been active duty, they cannot understand what an event or just a handshake means from one-woman veteran to another. It is truly life changing. When I agreed to do the event I knew that it would be very personal to me but I had no idea it would affect me to my core they way it did.

I will forever be proud of my veteran status and the women who serve this country, but I am even more proud of the Gene Juarez Academy for being involved in an event like this. It will mean more to them than the Academy will ever understand.

Thank you TJ!

View Event Photos!

Learn More About 2012 Washington Women Veterans Conference


A New Home for North Seattle Campus!

Posted June 01, 2012 at 01:23 pm by julies

We are very excited to announce that our North Seattle campus will be moving a few miles north to a brand new state-of-the art campus this fall!

For the past 25 years, the campus has been located in the Northgate area and was the very first Academy that Gene Juarez opened.  Countless memories of lives touched, growth within the school and the Cosmetology industry and the many changes in fashion & hair happened here.  “While it is sad to say goodbye to our original home, we are more than ready to take our Academies into the future with our new location,” states Jerry Ahern, Vice President of Education for Gene Juarez Salons & Spas.

The new 15,000 square foot campus location will be located at Gateway Place in Mountlake Terrace with easy access from I-5 and conveniently located by a transit center, restaurants, retailers, medical offices and a movie theater.  Students and guests will enjoy the spacious and modern atmosphere of our 110 salon stations on the clinic floor.  Even more exciting, will be the classroom environment where the latest technology, such as interactive Smart Boards, and industry equipment will be used to train our students, providing them with an outstanding education experience that will be difficult to find elsewhere.

Gene Juarez Academy is known for being the premiere cosmetology training program in the Pacific Northwest, our new campus will also make us known for being the most progressive school in the country.  Julie Seruto, Education Division Marketing Manager, notes “Students enrolling now will make GJA history for being the first generation of students to be trained and graduate from the new campus. So the time is now to take advantage of this great opportunity!”

To learn more about our new campus, Cosmetology program and/or success rates, please contact our Admissions Team at 206.368.0210 today!

Gene Juarez Academy New Location North Campus

Gene Juarez Academy North Campus New Location


Gene Juarez Academy New Location North Campus



Gene Juarez Hair Salon Training Location

Clinic Salon



Photo Shoot Opportunities

Posted January 19, 2012 at 10:12 pm by julies

What stylist doesn’t want a free photo shoot?

It’s a rare opportunity for a Seattle beauty school to offer a professional photographer, as well as an educator to help guide the students to see their creative vision become reality. I respect Gene Juarez Academy for thinking of our future by offering quarterly photo shoots so we can build our portfolios to showcase our work to prospective employers.

The last one, in November, was fun to participate in. I was able to utilize the techniques I’ve learned along the way, and I give GJ big applause for that. I can’t wait for the next one.


Yvey with his model

Yvey's creation

Check out more photos of student work!



Posted December 19, 2011 at 02:35 pm by julies

When you put 55 hours of work in the salon per week and find yourself daydreaming on the way home about your guest’s next visit, you’ve found your passion. When people watching turns into analyzing every person’s color and cut, you’ve found your passion. When your educators and your classmates feel more like family than mere pieces to your cosmetology education, you’ve found your passion. When you goal set and meet each of those goals exactly as you had envisioned them…you know without a doubt, you found your passion.

 If you want a career that your passionate about but don’t think both are possible, you’re wrong. Go find your passion and live life happy!!!
Student Ambassador, North Campus

Christian with guest on our Annual Denim Day fundraiser for Breast Cancer


Congratulations Fall 2011 Graduates!

Posted November 30, 2011 at 08:25 pm by julies

The Graduation Ceremonies for the class of Fall 2011 was in a word, magical. It was held at the Benaroya Hall in downtown Seattle as it usually is but this time in the evening. I think this gave the event a more formal, classier feel. From the beauty of Benaroya Hall, the presentations on stage, the red carpet walk and the glitz and glam of the students, it was as if we were attending a Hollywood premiere, complete with our very own paparazzi.

Valedictorians Holly Macke (North Campus) and Olena Steblovskaya (South Campus) reminded us how far we’ve come in our journey to become Hairstylists. We were incredibly honored to have Gene Juarez as our Keynote Speaker. His words of wisdom and encouragement were an inspiration. What a thrill to get to hear from the founder himself! The night was a wonderful way to cap off a long thirteen months of beauty school. We looked back on the school year with a fun slide presentation, oh how some of us have changed. Each graduate had the opportunity to have their name read on stage, receive a lovely rose and then walk down the red carpet as everyone looked on. A photographer waited at the end of the carpet to take their picture. The whole experience made each of us feel important and celebrated.


Congratulations to the Award Winners:


Guest Service Awards

North Campus – Rhonda Maynard & Jayme “Charlie” Butenschoen

South Campus -  Sara Klusmeyer & Erin “Sparrow” Novak


Most Inspirational

North Campus – Chamroeum “Cham” Prum & Rachel “Drew” Woods

South Campus – Shawna Craig & Erin “Sparrow” Novak


Gene Juarez Academy Award

North Campus – Amanda Sparks & Kristie “Laker” Corpuz

South Campus – Mariah Cheevers & Amber “Astrid” Doscher


A special thank you to the Educators and Staff for all your hard work throughout school and for cheering us on! We love and appreciate you all!!


Jennifer “Pixie” Payton

Federal Way Campus


Check out photos from the ceremony!